Work with our exceptional team

Whether you’re wanting to:

• Set up an amazing project or pro studio
• Create a fantastic home theater or screening room
• Install a sound system for industrial applications

We can help you get excellent results. Plus, we can work at almost any price range. We are also highly skilled at helping with technical issues.

We have already sped hundreds of happy clients past years of learning the slow, painful and expensive way. And we’ll help you avoid the misleading (and expensive) hype that’s found everywhere in the audio industry.

The cost of high-quality technology has come down considerably in the last 10-15 years. Don’t spend money on items that won’t improve your results.


Did you know one of the best pair of speakers on the market cost around $260 for a pair!?

Our lead trainer is also a highly respected speaker designer and we have measured these speakers in his lab.

Did you know you should never ever have 2 pairs of speakers next to each other?

In Pro Series – Advanced Concepts volume I  we have detailed info on why this is not a good practice, and will make mixing extremely difficult.

Did you know expensive cables are, in general, a huge waste of money?

This is easy to measure and is scientifically provable. One client of ours was about to spend $5,000 on cables for his system … we got that price down to $750 and we are positive the quality was as good if not better.

We could go on endlessly with such examples. Consultation will actually save you money and help you get better results.


We charge $150/hr, and can break sessions into 1/2 hour blocks.

Please contact us to set an appointment,

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We recommend having a list of questions prepared.