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If you are a hobbyist looking to create great-sounding music for fun, or an aspiring professional out to win multiple Grammy Awards, our training will teach you expert techniques for recording and mixing the music that you can use in your home or project studio. 

Stream Our Recording and Mixing Training to any device.

Now you can own (perpetual license) or subscribe (watch our Recording & Mixing training for a low monthly fee).

You can get pro recording and mixing results in your home studio, and this series will start you on your way. Plus it will show you a long list of the common techniques used by the best Producers.

World–Class Training Bundles

In the “download to own” category our bundles are a fantastic solution our most popular training.

These will save you a lot of money, even more time figuring out complicated software and hardware, and insure you have a solid foundation so you can focus on creating music.

Pro Tools Training Series

Pro Tools is incredibly powerful software and you can absolutely make professional sounding recordings with it. Training is critical though as it will speed you through years of trying to figure it out on your own.

Your host is one of the best Pro Tools gurus you can find and worked as a Senior Pro Tools Product Specialist for over 7 years. This is as good as Pro Tools training gets!