Pro Tools is incredibly powerful software and you definitely can make professional recordings with it.

Whatever style of music you work on (rock, pop, hip-hop, electronic/EDM, rap, jazz, etc…) this training series will show you how to get the most from your Pro Tools system.

Your Pro Tools Trainer

Your Pro Tools trainer, Ken Walden, is one of the best you will find, and has taught thousands of people how to quickly get up and running with Pro Tools.

Ken was a Senior Product Specialist for the company that makes Pro Tools (Avid), and he is also the Founder of Secrets of the Pros, which is currently endorsed by 4 Multi-Grammy Award winners and many others (including all the current Senior Pro Tools Product Specialists).

If you’re looking for high-quality Pro Tools training you’ve found it!

There use to be 3 separate titles for Pro Tools but we highly recommend the bundle that includes all 3 levels. We guarantee you’ll love the training just like tens of thousands before you.


This bundle is an excellent way to get your Pro Tools basics down, plus a lot more. We use to sell 3 titles of Pro Tools training but now we’ve put it all into one low-cost bundle. With this bundle you’ll be up and running, recording, editing, and mixing with your system like an expert in no time.

You can spend time creating and having fun, instead of trying to figure out how to best use your system. This bundle is a fantastic deal and most of our customers chose this over the individual levels.

Normally $62.85

Now Only $49.95

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Note that this series is currently download to own.

We use a variety of versions of Pro Tools but ALL training applies to any version.