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Audio technology has come a long way in the last 15-20 years allowing you to get incredible results on a budget.

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Our team has worked with a long list of the best producers, engineers, and musicians on the planet, in the most advanced recording studios, capturing the sounds of the biggest artists. From Santana to Metallica to Maria Carey, we’ve crafted a broad array of sounds. In doing so, we learned the secrets to how you can make your music sound professional.

The guys at Secrets of the Pros are first-rate recording and mixing engineers. Plus they really know how to explain all this stuff and make it easy to understand.

Benny Rietveld

11x Grammy Award winner, Music Director for Santana, Composer, Bass Player, Producer
Santana, Miles Davis, John Lee Hooker, Sheila E., Booker T Jones…

If you are a hobbyist or aspiring professional, you can get pro level results in your studio, and these affordable streaming options will start you on your way. These easy to follow videos will take you through years of learning in very little time.

This video series is for beginner to pro levels, and applies to all styles of music. We guarantee you’ll love this series and creating your music will be much easier.

This page will show you all our product options though, by far most prefer our perpetual license or subscriptions. Some will prefer to buy their training and download it to their laptops or desktop computer. The choice is yours and in any case you’ll be learning from experts who will speed you thru years of learning.

Beginners and aspiring pros will learn a long list of proven techniques that will help you get excellent results in your studio.

Pro Tools is incredibly powerful software, and you can make professional sounding recordings with it. Training is critical though as it will speed you through years of trying to figure it out on your own. This is the best training you’ll find to get started (and more).

Whatever style of music you work on (rock, pop, hip-hop, electronic, rap, jazz, etc…) this training series will show you how to get pro results.