Setting Up Your Studio for Success

How would you like it if the gent who designed the studios below (and many more) helped you design your studio.

Setting up your studio properly is incredibly important, especially if you want your mixes to sound like they do in your studio when you play them in the outside world. Many (in fact most) people have this problem … they get their mix sounding good, or even great, but when they play it in their car, or on any other audio system it sounds totally different, especially in the bass.

And by “totally different” … we mean terrible.

The answer to this problem is below.
“It’s staggering how much useful information is packed into Secrets of the Pros training, and this newest series is the best yet!
These are a must for recording enthusiasts of all levels.
I wish that I had these videos twenty years ago before I learned everything the hard way!”
Paul DeCarli
Producer, Engineer, Digital Editor,
Remixer, Pro Tools Expert, Programmer
Hoobastank, Papa Roach, 5 Metallica records, Green Day
Fleetwood Mac, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, BT, NIN

Our training will show you secrets that break common myths about important topics (like setting up a studio properly) so watch the videos below very closely and you’ll know more about setting up a studio than most professional audio engineers.

This is Manny (our acoustics expert) in Studio A which he redesigned in 1995. It cost over $700k to remodel the physical space (this did not include any equipment costs). Metallica made 5 records in this studio, Dave Matthews made 2, etc … it was a highly successful studio.

Our trainer, Manny, is the guy you want to talk to when it comes to studio design, and how to get the most out of any audio system.

Manny designed this room below, named The Garden, after Studio A. This project cost roughly $625,000.

Inexpensive home and project studios can deliver pro results and these videos cover the most important aspects of making that happen.

This is the mastering room that Manny designed after the Garden (pictured above). Cost was roughly $425,000.

Click on each video topic below to watch the videos, and know it’s best to watch them in order. Enjoy!