We now have a low-priced subscriptions and perpetual licenses via a streaming system in place, plus “download to own” training as well!

Both have tracks you can download to listen to on your system as well. Check it out and enjoy!

If you currently own any of our training click on the blue button below, and you can access all your training from the “My Account” page. Enjoy!

Streaming videos at an Incredibly Low Price!

Now you can subscribe or purchase a perpetual license (you own forever) to watch all our current training videos at an incredibly low price!

Why so inexpensive? Our mission has always been to help people create better sounding music for as little as possible and this is the best way to do it!

We’ve invested well over $500k into our series (filming, planning, flying in artists, booking the studio, editing, and building this website) and want you to speed thru what took us decades to learn.

Watch closely and you’ll be creating professional sounding music in no time!

Purchase to Own – We Store Your Video Files

It’s easy … when purchase our training to own, you can download it and keep it on your local computer, or you can log in and download it at any time. Just find your Secrets of the Pros email (or log on to your account on our site) and click on the section you want to learn, it will quickly download and you can watch it.

If you feel confident you know it you can delete it off your local hard drive, and download it again later if you want to watch it again.

Plus if you travel outside areas with good internet reception you can have your training on your computer ready to instantly play at anytime. Even on a plane or in a remote location!

Example Below

Look below to see what your download email and account page will look like. It’s very easy to use!

Questions?  Contact Us!

If you have any questions, concerns, feedback, or just a good joke email or call us!  We consider our customers our friends and we want to make sure you’re happy with your decision.