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Welcome to Secrets of the Pros!

You can get pro results in a home or project studio, and we’ll show you how!

We went into some of the best studios with incredible players to give you the experience we’ve had working with the pros. Then we show you how to apply all these techniques in your studio.

We have 4 multi-Grammy Award winners, and a long list of other pros and hobbyists who enthusiastically endorse our training. Watch the clips on this page and you’ll see we went all out in creating the best possible training!

High-Quality Training is Very Important

In this short clip our Lead Trainer (who is one of the most brilliant minds in audio) will explain why quality training is essential for you to get great results if you are learning how to record and mix music.

There is a lot of misinformation out there and Manny is the guy to help get you up to speed. He’s worked with a long list of the best Producers & Engineers, designed world-class studios, and is a highly respected speaker designer as well.

Must See for Mixing & Home Theaters!

Our Lead Trainer Manny  designed and managed the construction of this $750,000 studio upgrade where Metallica made 5 records, Dave Matthews made 2 records, etc….  He is also a highly experienced Engineer, Mixer, and Speaker Designer.

Did you know you should NEVER have 2 speakers next to each other? You should also never have a computer monitor in between your speakers!

This is from our Pro Series and will teach you more about audio for music production or for your home theater than you’ve ever thought about. Watch!

Great Vocal Tones Made Easy!

If you want your vocal tracks to sound great you don’t have to spend a lot of money. In fact you can get a pro level vocal tone with inexpensive mics and a few techniques we will show you in our recording and mixing training.

In fact, for the final mix we chose a mic that cost a few hundred dollars over a $16,000 mic (Telefunken 251) and a $12,000 mic (Neumann U47 with modifications) for this session. Check it out!

Recording Electric Guitars – must see!

In our Pro Recording and Mixing Series we went all out with placing a huge selection of the best mics for recording electric guitar in a studio where some of the top names in music have worked like Santana, Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson, Metallica, and many more.

This is a top-level education on how to record electric guitar from a guy who has been there with a long list of the best guitarists out there. Plus he’s seen hundreds of other top Producers work their magic and passes all those secrets on to you.

Great Drum Tones are Critical!

If you produce music with drums this is a must see!  Electronic or acoustic music production … it doesn’t matter. We put roughly 40 mics on one of the best drummers ever and will take you step by step through how to record and mix drums so your tones are as good as the pros. You can use 3 mics to get a great drum tone, or many more as we did, and in every case these techniques will help you get the most from your recording sessions no matter how much gear you have.

This was from our Pro Recording and Mixing Series, but we also mic up a drum kit in our Recording and Mixing Series.

Mastering Acoustic Guitar Recording & Mixing

Throughout out Recording and Mixing Series and our Pro Recording and Mixing Series we take you through several different techniques and mic placement techniques to help you find the exact tone you’re going for.

We spared no expense in putting a long list of the best mics on several acoustic guitars. This is the ultimate education on the craft of making an acoustic guitar sound amazing!

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