You can create pro-level recording and mixing results at home.
This series will show you exactly how it’s done.

In this training series you will learn how to set up your studio properly (which is critical and often done incorrectly), basic signal flow, pro recording tips, expert mixing tricks, how to get the most from EQ, compression, delay, reverb, MIDI, and much more.

Our Lead Trainer, Manny, is one of the best in the audio business and he will quickly guide you through the confusing web that is audio production.
The bundle listed below is an amazing deal to insure you’re on the right track.

This is for beginner to pro levels, and applies to all digital and analogue systems, and all software.

In this easy-to-follow series of videos we’re going to speed you through the basics and more. We cover how to set up your studio properly which is CRITICAL to getting great results. You will also learn:

• How to set up your gear properly 

• Pro mic techniques to get you started 

• Recording basics so you can lay tracks now 

• Expert recording techniques for: vocals, electric bass, acoustic guitar, and more.

• Over 2 hours of training!

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This level is where we start into the exciting topic of processing which includes your tools for mixing, and much more. We will give you an overview of MIDI which is a must for any drum programming, and show some editing tricks. You will learn:

• Pro fundamentals of Equalization and Compression

• A quick start guide to Reverbs, Delays, and Wideners

• Powerful Guitar Plug-ins and cool effects

• Mixing and Editing tricks you need to know and more!

• Over 2.5 hours hours of training!

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This title is what earned us our reputation as an industry leader! This level will go much deeper into mixing, acoustics (very important for mixing!), plus we’ll show you the basics of recording a real drum kit, and also show you:

• Pro mixing techniques used on classic records

• In-depth overview of MIDI (for synths and drum machines)

• How to cut Loops into your songs

• Tracking & mixing great sounding drums

• More techniques for recording vocals, guitars, etc…

• Over 3.5 hours of training from experts!

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Buy all 3 levels as a bundle and save over 20%

This bundle includes all three levels listed above, and almost all our customers purchase bundles. It is an excellent way to learn your basics and a lot more, plus you’ll save money while learning how to have fun recording & mixing!

All three levels normally $74.85

Only $59.95

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The best way to get complete training is via our discounted bundles that combine 2 or more training series. More than 80% of our customers & friends go this route.
These will save you a lot of money, even more time figuring out complicated software and hardware, and insure you have a solid foundation so you can focus on creating music.
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Personalized Bundles

If you feel you need a customized training bundle for your exact needs we can make it for you!

If you have some of our training and want more, but don’t see a discounted bundle that fits what you want, contact us and we will make a CUSTOM BUNDLE FOR YOU!

Plus we’ll give you a big discount because we appreciate you as a customer and friend of Secrets of the Pros.

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Performance Series

if you are a passionate fan of music, a musician, songwriter, DJ, and especially if you are a drummer … you must see this title!

Imagine getting to hang out in a world-class recording studio with one of the most talented drummers alive. Along side of him is the bass player and music director for one of the biggest bands in the world! In this title you will see amazing performances, hear crazy stories about life the music industry, and learn about how music is created from a couple of guys who have been doing it for decades.

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