Pro Tools Series

Pro Tools is incredibly powerful software that you can make professional sounding recordings with it. Whatever style of music you work on (rock, pop, hip-hop, electronic, rap, jazz, etc…) this training series will show you how to get pro results.

Your Pro Tools guide, Ken Walden, is one of the best you will find and has taught thousands of people how to quickly get the most out of their Pro Tools system. He was a Senior Product Specialist for the company that makes Pro Tools, and Ken is also the Founder of Secrets of the Pros, which is currently endorsed by 4 Multi-Grammy Award winners and many others. Plus almost all the other Senior Pro Tools Product Specialists endorse this series, along with several a long list of pro and hobbyists alike.

Your Intro to Pro Tools

2+ hours of videos

This volume will take you through the “need to know” fundamentals of the Pro Tools software, how to set up various types of hardware, the way the mixer works, the editing modes, and a basic overview of recording.

If you want to get the most of your Pro Tools system you’ve come to the right place. These are well thought out techniques used by novice and pro alike.

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Pro Tools: Volume I

2.25 hours of videos

This volume will show you through more recording techniques that will help you unlock your creativity, teach you critical editing techniques, show you how to use Beat Detective (a powerful automatic editing tool), and takes you through lots of great mixing techniques. Plus we always add in a variety of tips and tricks to increase your creativity.

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Pro Tools: Advanced Volume II

2.5 hours of videos

This volume will take you through more advanced editing techniques that will help speed us the creative process, show you more advanced mixing techniques commonly used by the pros, and a long list of other “need to know” features that will speed up your creative abilities like file management and latency.

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Bundle all three levels and save 20%

This bundle is an excellent way to get your Pro Tools basics down, plus a lot more. With these three levels you’ll be up and running, recording, editing, and mixing with your system. You can spend time creating and having fun, instead of trying to figure out how to best use your system. It’s a great deal!

Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 – 7 hours of videos

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The best way to get complete training is via our discounted bundles that combine 2 or more training series. More than 80% of our customers & friends go this route.
These will save you a lot of money, even more time figuring out complicated software and hardware, and insure you have a solid foundation so you can focus on creating music.
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Personalized Bundles

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Performance Series

If you are passionate about music, a musician, songwriter, DJ, and especially if you are a drummer … you must see this title!

Imagine getting to hang out in a world-class recording studio with one of the most talented drummers alive. Dennis Chambers has worked with a long list of the biggest names in the music world.

This video also features the Music Director and Bass player for Santana. Benny has also played with Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, and many more … he will bring a wealth of knowledge and incredible performances to this title that you are sure to love.

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