Recording Acoustic Guitar – Basics to Get Started Fast!

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This is a quick-start series to help you get started recording acoustic guitar. We will show you three of the most popular mic angles in detail so you can try these out and see which ones you like. There are a vast array of tones one might be striving for when recording acoustic guitar and this series will help get you recording quickly with a tone you like.


If you want a much more in-depth look at recording acoustic guitar check out this advanced series by clicking here >

Our advanced series will speed you thru a long list of the most popular mics and angles used by pros. You can do all this at home with far less expensive mics as well!


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(This series includes over 7 minutes of very concise videos that will show you the most popular ways to record acoustic guitar so you can get started immediately! This price is for a one month streaming period.)


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