Recording Drums – Advanced

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No matter what style of music you are producing, if it has drums you will love what you learn from this series. To understand how to create world-class drums you must understand how drums are recorded. For hobbyist or aspiring pro … this is the best education you will find on the topic.


We went into one of the best studios with an A-List drummer, and put as many mics on his kit as we could. Why? Because this will give you the experiences of  trying out a long list of pro techniques so you can decide what you are going for with drums for your music. If you end up using 3 mics, or 40 mics (like we did … which was way over the top) you’ll know what to try and experiment with when you get ready to record drums.


Even if you’re using drum plugins (which sound amazing these days) or samples, understanding how the recording process works is critical. You’ll speed thru decades of experimentation with these videos and quickly become a pro when you watch and learn from these videos!

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(This series includes roughly 30 minutes of videos that will make you a master at recording drums! This price is for a one month streaming period.)


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