Recording Pro Sounding Vocals in Your Studio

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Great sounding vocals begin in the recording stage and, of course, an expert singer will help a lot. Still if you don’t have the right mic and good acoustics (often overlooked and misunderstood) then getting a pro vocal tone will be very difficult.

These videos will show you exactly what to do to get a fantastic tone.


NOTE: We could have gone thru dozens of mics but that wouldn’t help because most sound very similar when you put them in the exact same position in the same room. Our goal was to show you some of the most popular “pro” choices, then show you how a less expensive option can also be just fine. In fact for the final mix we used the less expensive option and this happens all the time with many of the most famous artists in the music field.

This applies to all styles of music and all recording systems.


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(This series includes videos plus the hi-def audio tracks we recorded that you can download and hear exactly what the tracks sounded like! This price is for a one month streaming period.)

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