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Recording and Mixing Series – Level 3


3.5 hours of videos – mid to pro level

This level will go much deeper into pro mixing techniques, and in-depth studio set up section (something we feel you must know), a more comprehensive look into using MIDI, more about tracking vocals, drum kits, working with Loops, recording guitars, bass, and much more. It also includes a section on studio acoustics you must see. This is what earned us our reputation as an industry leader!




Recording and Mixing Series – Level 3

This is for beginner to pro levels.

Picking up from where level 2 left off this release is where you will go deep into recording, editing, and mixing techniques that will help your music sound it’s best.

We’ll take you in a pro studio to mic up a real drum kit with a world-class drummer. No matter what style of music you create if there are drums on the track (even EDM) understanding how drums are recorded it essential. We’ll also review how to record electric bass (and show some great bass mixing tips), put some mics on a guitar cabinet, and give you more important details about how to record a fantastic sounding vocal!  Tip: it’s less about the mic & pre, and much more about the room!

For those into Electronic Music and synths we’ll give you a detailed look at how MIDI works and how to quickly set up your MIDI system and start creating. If you need to create a beat MIDI is the key, and for all synths MIDI is the way to record. We have a great section on how to cut loops to fit your songs as well.

For those with questions about mixing this is where we get into exact practices used by a long list of veteran engineers and producers. These are the standard tricks used on hundreds of your favorite albums.

You will learn a lot more critical details of how to set up your studio (which is critical and often done wrong), basic signal flow, recording, and much more.

The bundle of all three levles is an amazing deal to insure you’re on the right track.

Here’s a 1 minute sample of what’s inside.


Videos included with this package:

  1. Introduction to Level 3
  2. Secrets of studio layout
  3. Need to knows about pre-amps
  4. Signal routing and why it’s critical
  5. Click tracks
  6. Cutting Loops to sound right
  7. More recording tips to help you create quickly
  8. The secrets behind recording drums
  9. Recording and mixing bass
  10. The secrets behind recording guitars
  11. MIDI, Keyboards, Drum Machines and how to get the max from them
  12. The secrets behind recording vocals (Essential watching!)
  13. Learn how the masters mix
  14. The big secret of acoustics
  15. Wrapping up the Recording and Mixing Series