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Pro Tools Series Bundle


Beginner to pro level

Our Pro Tools training will take you quickly through all the basics like setting up a system properly, starting up your first song, taking you on a comprehensive tour of the software, and then you’ll be recording and mixing before you know it. Your trainer was a Senior Pro Tools Product Specialist and has trained thousands of hobbyists and top level pros as well.

Ken Walden knows Pro Tools like few others and more importantly he has a vast amount of experience helping people get up and running fast! This bundle is an excellent way to get you started (and much more) with your system.



Pro Tools Series Bundle

This is for beginner to pro levels.

This bundle is an excellent way to get your Pro Tools basics down, plus a lot more. With these three levels you’ll be up and running, recording, editing, and mixing with your system in very little time. You can spend time creating instead of trying to figure out how to best use your system. It’s a great deal! Plus your trainer is a highly respected Pro Tools expert who was also a Senior Pro Tools Product Specialist.

Over 7 hours of videos



Videos included with this package:

  1. All the Pro Tools Intro videos
  2. All the Pro Tools Volume I videos
  3. All the Pro Tools Advanced Volume II videos