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Pro Tools Advanced Volume II


2.5+ hours of videos – mid to pro level

This volume will show you through more advanced editing techniques, more advanced mixing techniques commonly used by the pros, and a long list of other “need to know” features that will speed up your creative abilities like file management and latency.





Pro Tools Advanced Volume II

This is for mid to pro levels.

This series will go further into the powerful features in Pro Tools to help you create quickly.

We will go into specific editing techniques for editing drums and percussion like a pro. Also we’ll show you great tools for cleaning up tracks fast so your mixes sound big and punchy. Plus there are other “must see” techniques your host learned from years of being out in the field with a long list of producers and engineers.

The mixing videos go deeper into functionality found in your Pro Tools system that allows you to use tracks from other songs as a template for your new song, plus important ways to get the most from finalizing your mixes.

The bundle of all three Pro Tools volumes is an amazing deal to insure you’re on the right track.


“I just wanted to thank you guys for helping me out with your great videos – they’ve definitely cleared up some grey patches in my Pro Tools knowledge!!!!

I just got the latest Pro Tools volume and immediately watched the entire thing the second I got home. As always there was an untold wealth of knowledge for a very reasonable price. I have been with you from the beginning and I’ll be there till the end. I can’t wait for the next one…. “


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Videos included with this series:

  1. Pro Level Editing to Make your Music Tight
  2. More Mixer feature to help you create
  3. A Clear Explanation of Latency
  4. File Management to Keep Your Music Safe
  5. A Bunch of Tips to Help You Create Fast!