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Pro Tools Volume I


2.25 hours of videos – beginner to pro level

This level will go much deeper by showing you through more recording techniques that will help you unlock your creativity, teach you critical editing techniques, you will get a solid overview of Beat Detective (a powerful automatic editing tool), and lots of great mixing techniques.





Pro Tools Volume I

This is for beginner to pro levels.

This video series takes you deeper into Pro Tools and will start to unleash some of the more powerful features you can use to greatly speed up your audio productions.  There are many buried recording tricks you will be shown so you can record, try new ideas, edit ideas together, and experiment faster than you ever dreamed.

Combined with powerful recording techniques are editing techniques we will show so you can really make your tracks sound great. Even the very best professional producers, engineers, and players use editing to make their tracks sound their best … it’s a standard practice for even the best bands. We’ll show you more of these so you’re getting the best results from your recording sessions. Plus it’s a lot of fun!


This series of videos also goes deep into MIDI in Pro Tools. MIDI is commonly used to record and edit virtual instruments (like virtual pianos, organs, etc…), synthesizers, drum machines, and other incredible plug-in instruments that sound as good as the real thing in most cases. If you are producing Electronic Music this is a must-see! Even more acoustic based artists often use MIDI for putting ideas together.


This title also includes a section on using Beat Detective, a powerful automated editing tool you can use to really tighten up your songs. Pro always edit and this tool allowed them to take a professional drum editing session from 8 hours, down to 20 minutes or less. Your trainer was a tester for this feature and knows how to get the most from Beat Detective. You will love Beat Detective!


Next we’ll take you further into the ways the Pro Tools mixer and will keep you on the path to making your tracks to sound like your favorite records. The Pro Tools mixer is actually much more powerful and flexible than any “big” console you’ve seen on the cover of audio production magazines. Training is critical because figuring it out on your own would take a long, long time. This title will start you down the path of using the mixer.

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Videos included with this package:

  1. Using MIDI, Synths, and Drum Machines
  2. Recording Tricks to Help You Create Music Fast
  3. Editing Techniques to Take Your Tracks Further
  4. Beat Detective – Amazing Automated Editing
  5. The Next Level of Mixing Tips