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Pro Tools Intro


2 hours of videos – beginner to mid level

You can get pro level results at home … this series will start you on your way.

Whatever style of music you work on (rock, pop, hip-hop, electronic, rap, jazz, etc…) this training series will show you how to get pro results. You don’t need a big recording console to make pro recordings, and many top level engineers and producers have switched over to working “in the box”. Pro Tools is a industry leading digital audio workstation and though it’s powerful, it’s also very deep. This series will speed you through the basics and more about how to get the most from your Pro Tools system.





Pro Tools Intro

This is for beginner to mid levels.

This series is endorsed by the Product Manager of Pro Tools, the main Pro Tools Product Specialists, and a long list of professional engineers and producers.

Your host, Ken Walden, was a Senior Pro Tools Product Specialist for Digidesign (now Avid) for 9 years. He worked with a long list of top audio producers, film post production experts, and many more. Not only that he is an excellent engineer and producer who worked for years at one of the best multi-room recording studios in the world with a long list of famous bands, artists, engineers, and producers. Hobbyist or Pro, this series will show you how to best use your system.

(Compatible with ALL versions of Pro Tools)

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Congrats on the Pro Tools series, as well as Recording & Mixing series … they are fantastic!  Your videos are EXTREMELY helpful and much more usable than others I have seen.
Pro Tools is so powerful, which makes it a little complicated to absorb as well … your videos really help unlock the vault. Thanks again…!

Jay A. Bushman

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Videos included with this package:

  1. Introduction to Pro Tools
  2. Setting up Your Pro Tools Hardware
  3. Getting Your Pro Tools Software Running Right!
  4. A Comprehensive Overview of Pro Tools
  5. Reviewing the Main Interface
  6. Overview of the Powerful Tools
  7. Getting you Started with Recording
  8. Several Other Tips & Tricks to Help You Create Fast